Aqua Maris

Aqua Maris is a line of natural products based on Adriatic seawater, for ear, nose and throat health.

Adriatic treasure - the sea essence, is available to you through the Aqua Maris all over the year. Aqua Maris products contain no preservatives or additives and can be used indefinitely.

Aqua Maris is the leading brand in its category in South Eastern Europe and CIS countries, with a broad international presence, ranking first in the world in the category of physiological solutions and nasal seawater solutions.

Aqua Maris is designed for daily use at home and on the road. Our product line is designed for specific needs of infants, children and adults, relieving respiratory problems, strengthening body defences against cold and flu, while also helping regulate sinus problems, allergies and rhinitis. Aqua Maris is also useful for people who live in conditions where the air is dry due to air conditioning, or air pollution at work or in cities.

Since Aqua Maris products are absorbed by the human body - including infants and children - the purity and mild effect of the product are of the essence.



Maris Aqua Products are designed to be simple and safe to use. They come in forms easily applied in daily usage - pump and aerosol nasal spray, pump throat spray, nasal spray for healthy breathing of infants and children, and ointment for the treatment of sensitive skin of the nose.


Aqua Maris is based on recognized medical benefits of seawater for health of the respiratory tract. Our product line is specially designed for care of older children and adults, and for simple usage on infants. Products have been designed in such a way that they present an integral part of a modern and healthy lifestyle, while their efficiency is regularly monitored through clinical studies.


Aqua Maris is a brand firmly rooted in expert knowledge in the field of pharmacy, a reliable product that family doctors, pharmacists and otorhinolaryngologists can trust. Our sales representatives are experts in the field of medicine and pharmacy, assisted by leading experts in the field of medicine in researching the therapeutic benefits of our products, and providing feedback about this research.



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