Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Business principles

Mission, vision and values


JGL aims to become a global pharmaceutical company specialized in the development and production of value-added sterile products in ophthalmology and ENT and the leader in using the benefits of seawater for health purposes.


We share information and resources, communicate in an open, direct and honest manner, with mutual respect, and we build long-term partnership relationships. We are consistent in implementing plans, we share responsibility and trust one another.


We have clear and high goals, as well as quality and performance related standards.

We are bold and passionate in achieving results. We encourage ourselves and others to participate in continuous learning and development, to assume responsibility and take initiative to achieve extra value for both us and our partners.

We work for our mutual benefit, by taking diversity into account. We are simple, open and friendly in our communication. We fulfil our promises and contribute to the community by initiating activities for improving the quality of life.

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