Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Business principles

Strategic focus

We estimate that the Aqua Maris line of products has the largest potential for this, since it has already proved to be an exceptionally successful and competitive brand, particularly on the CIS markets. In addition to Aqua Maris, our portfolio also includes a series of brands and products which offer an opportunity for international expansion.

Closeness in customer relations

The first and foremost focus in our decision-making process are our customers, since their needs and expectations exceed the sole need for the product.

JGL coordinates and upgrades its activities on a daily basis, in regards to business environment, organization, competence, technology and procedures, to create preconditions for meeting a wide range of customer needs with personalized, proactive services. We want to be the customer’s partner and their first solution in business.

We must find a good cost-investment balance, focused on small-scale but sustainable, long-term growth. Growth will be achieved through our own development and innovative solutions, primarily in the field of ophthalmology and ENT.

Technological focus

We want to use our strengths and knowledge to focus on the areas in which we can stand out and achieve a competitive edge.

This primarily means development and production of sterile pharmaceutical forms in which we have the absolute edge. The balance of our portfolio lies in ensuring focus and in reducing the risk of dependence on only a few products on specific markets.

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