JGL History

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


JGL History

1991. Establishment of the joint-stock company
1991. First drug Carbo Medicinalis
1992. Establishment of the Slovenia company
1997. Establishment of the Bosnia and Herzegovina representative office
1998. Establishment of the Russia representative office
1999. Launch of Aqua Maris
2001. Establishment of the Serbia and Macedonia representative offices
2004. CE Certificate Medical devices
2004. Establishment of the Ukraine representative office
2005. Establishment of the Ljekarna Pablo health institution
2006. Launch of Lactogyn
2006. Establishment of the Kazakhstan representative office
2007. ISO 22000 certificate
2008. European GMP certificate
2008. Establishment of the Kosovo representative office
2009. “Zlatni ključ” award for the best exporter to Russia
2009. Launch of the first generic drug latanoprost
2010. ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates
2011. Construction of the sterile solutions plant
2011. Launch of Meralys
2011. Employer Partner Certificate
2011. Registration of JGL North America LLC
2011. “Zlatni ključ” award for the best exporter to Russia
2011. CSR Index Award
2013. Charter of the Republic of Croatia
2013. Launch of Vizol S
2013. Establishment of the Adrialab company in Rijeka
2014. CSR Index Award
2015. Establishment of the JGL Beograd-Sopot company
2015. Opening of the Pharma Valley complex
2016. Canadian and Russian GMP
2016. SO 50001 certificate
2016. The first generic drug for xylometazoline chloride and ipratropium bromide
2016. ISO 22 000 for JGL Beograd-Sopot
2016. The Lider Invest award for the largest production investment
2016. Establishment of the Jadran LLC company
2017. “Zlatni ključ” award for the best exporter to Russia
2017. “Zlatna Kuna” award
2018. Most innovative exporter in 2017
2018. Zlatna kuna award
2019. New investment project INTEGRA 2020
2020. Launch of Neodol
2020. “Zlatna kuna” award in the category of large companies
2020. “Zlatni ključ” for the best exporter to the Russian Federation
izvrsnost u izazvima
2020. Excellence During Challenges
2020. Sold the 200 million Aqua Maris products
2020. TOP 5 Employer Partner
2020. JGL Group’s revenue exceeds HRK 1 billion
2020. JGL Pharmacy Museum Opening
2021. The first generic drug for clindamycin + benzoyl peroxide 10 mg/g + 50 mg/g ge
2021. Establishment of the JGL PPH d.o.o.

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