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About JGL

JGL was founded in 1991 as the first completely private pharmaceutical joint stock company in Croatia.

Since the early days, it was believed that over time it would develop into an international pharmaceutical company that would operate outside Croatian borders. With entrepreneurship, ambition and great passion and energy, it was a start of a story that has lasted more than a quarter of a century. It was crucial to gather and motivate people, to create a team ready for great challenges.

The story of JGL’s success gained momentum when JGL left the “Jadran” pharmacy, just after the collapse of Yugoslavia, and with the start of generic drugs production in the category of essential drugs. These were drugs of small production series that were not interesting to the large pharmaceutical industry because they were not profitable.


By leaving the local frameworks and expanding the business in the territory of Croatia, and then the region – to Slovenia in 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997 and to Macedonia and Serbia in 2001 – an additional step was taken that created the preconditions for further growth and development. Nevertheless, the launch of operations in the markets of Russia (1998), followed by Ukraine (2004) and Kazakhstan (2006), from the current perspective, has proved to be a key strategic decision for the company.

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Product development and new markets

Looking back, JGL’s development marked a strong propulsive growth, and the transformation towards a fast-growing and powerful pharmaceutical company occurred exclusively through organic growth – by developing new products and conquering new markets.

In a relatively short period of time, an international pharmaceutical company was created through a systematic investment in knowledge and competence of employees, the development of new products and a close relationship with customers, as well as through investments in modern technology for drug production and control.

In 1991, it operated from only one address – Pulac bb, Rijeka – while today JGL’s products can be found in 60 countries around the world, the number of which grows each year, because internationalization of business is a key strategic guideline of the company.


In addition to its own operations in the regions of South East Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the company operates in all other markets through various forms and models of collaboration with partners – strong global, regional, or local pharmaceutical organizations of a branched and powerful business network. The focus of strengthening the company’s position is on the EU market, as well as the growing markets of MENA and ASEAN regions.


The portfolio is predominantly made up of proprietary products that are developed, registered, and manufactured at JGL’s facilities. Given that brand recognition – with good manufacturing practice and business quality certified according to European standards – is an important indicator of market power, the direction of globalization is also clearly emphasized.

Future with Pharma Valley

Since finding, retaining and improving a market position in the highly competitive business environment in which JGL operates is simply not possible without investing in state-of-the-art technology, in recent years the company has decided to invest in Pharma Valley, a new business-research-production facility in Svilno in Rijeka, which represents the greatest investment of JGL so far.

According to their own formula for balance and sustainability, the construction of Pharma Valley was realized in 2015, which was the first and most comprehensive phase of the most significant corporate strategic investment venture. This is an integrated approach that combines the best practices in the management of production processes, the latest technologies in pharmaceutical production, and the highest environmental standards. We at JGL firmly believe this is the only right approach for companies that establish a long-term sustainable business model.


This production and technological development complex has significantly improved technological equipment, crucial to global competitiveness, and created preconditions for further development of key brands such as Aqua Maris, Meralys, Vizol S, and Dramina on the global health market. New technologies, as well as installed capacity, tripled in facilities for sterile pharmaceutical forms, provide key resources for realizing the strategic vision of sustainable profitable growth over the planning horizon of ten years.


The vision of the company is clear, accessible and inspirational; it is the destination we at JGL are trying to reach. This is summarized in the statement that JGL aims to be the leading international company specialized in the development and production of value-added sterile products in ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology, and the leader in using the benefits of seawater for health purposes. With the mission of improving the quality of life through taking care of its customers’ health and the slogan “as precious as a drop of water”, JGL strives for a safe and efficient product, providing a sincere and dedicated service, and building solid partnerships.

Product development and new markets

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