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Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

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Key brands

The focus is on drugs that work on the senses, or on the development and production of sterile eye drops. However, the portfolio also includes drugs that affect the cardiovascular system, blood and blood components, and the digestive system and metabolism.

Production is striving to meet the diverse market demands of technological forms and therapeutic groups, so a wide range of JGL drugs allows doctors to choose the best cure for treating their patient.


Also, by keeping up with global trends and continuously researching our customer needs, we have developed a range of self-treatment products which are, due to their innovative features and quality, aimed at disease prevention and preservation of health, challenged by the contemporary lifestyle.

The popularity of self-treatment is in step with the increasing health trends and awareness of the importance of health. Self-treatment is useful, allowing for a quick solution to ailments not requiring medical assistance, because it reduces the pressure on health institutions, contributing to the rational usage of resources within the health system.

Proper self-treatment requires knowledge of an individual’s body, and a certain amount of information about the illness or symptoms that need treatment, including cooperation with a pharmacist. The non-prescription preparations portfolio covers a wide range of products from the categories of OTC drugs, food supplements, special-purpose cosmetics and cosmetics.


During the process of production, registration and quality control for patient safety, all of the OTC drugs are subject to the same procedure as prescription drugs, to guarantee effectiveness and application safety for patients. OTC drugs are available in pharmacies.

Aqua Maris

Products based on seawater from the Adriatic, rich in minerals and oligoelements, occupy the most prominent place in our portfolio.
Utilizing the long Mediterranean tradition of using seawater for human health, we are dedicated to research and development of products with the healing effect of seawater throughout the year - at home, at work or wherever you may be.
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Two decades of experience in the development of sea-based drugs and products have resulted in innovation that adds value to all users of nasal decongestion products.
For the very first time, a decongestant was dissolved in a seawater solution which supports natural nasal cleaning mechanisms. The extension of the line under the brand Meralys HA is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which further protects and moisturises the nasal mucosa.
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Vizol S

Through years of experience, JGL has specialized in developing and manufacturing drugs for the senses. The Vizol S artificial tears relieve symptoms of dry and very dry eyes, irritations, burning sensations and discomfort.
The products are innovative and unique on the market in many ways – they do not contain harmful preservatives thanks to a bottle-fitted filter, they moisturise the surface of the eye for a longer time, and they have a unique applicator for easy application.
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Long-standing experience in the field of probiotics has resulted in a highly innovative concept of products for urogenital health, providing every woman with the possibility of controlling her intimate health.
Lactogyn has been scientifically proven to successfully eliminate a burning sensation and itching in the intimate area, and vaginal discharge.
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