Adrience – new brand

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Adrience – new brand

1 min of reading Published: 15.12.2006.

After many years of work and research, Jadran Galenski laboratorij has launched a new brand from the area of dermocosmetics, entitled Adrience˜.

Adrience˜ is a dermocosmetic line of products intended for a modern woman and a dynamic man who want a natural and innovative product for their skin.

It includes the following lines: Oligosource (for normal, dry and sensitive skin care), Marine (for greasy and mixed skin), Aqualift (for mature skin care) and Seapower (for greasy skin).

The line is based on highly valuable ingredients from the Adriatic Sea, known for its purity and mineral salt composition, with a recognized therapeutic effect on human skin.

The line’s distinctive feature is the patented complex of active marine ingredients which have a synergistic effect on the skin thus providing it with an optimal physiological status. The first, ideal combination of technology (pharmaceutical industry), science (AquaBiO3 Complex®) and nature (Adriatic Sea).

AquaBiO3 Complex® is a unique, patented combination which provides the skin with an optimal physiological status. Clinically proven to moisture and tighten skin.

It consists of:

  • Adriatic seawater: the most abundant elements are also those essential for regular functioning of the cell and maintainance of all skin functions
  • mineral salt of the Coraline Officinalis algae: a highly rich polysaccharide-protein complex which is a source of important cell elements
  • plankton extract: protects cells from free radicals and reduces the negative effect of external factors

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