Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Sustainable Development with JGL Bicycles

1 min of reading Published: 02.10.2015.

How to solve the problem of connecting the two JGL production locations in a faster, more economic, ecological, healthier and fun way?

At Svilno, cars are out, and bicycles are totally in!

Only a few employees have not noticed them yet, especially since the opening of the new JGL location adorned in corporate colours. An increasing number of people have tried the new JGL vehicles, and even more use them every day for the transport of “goods and services” between Svilno 1 and Svilno 2.

The JGL parking lot holds a total of 30 new bicycles, which are primarily intended for business needs of those who regularly visit both locations of the company.

Nevertheless, they are also at constant disposal to all employees who wish to enjoy a bit of recreation during their work day. Furthermore, in order to gain maximum use from the new means of transport and take advantage of their full potential, the bikes can be rented by employees free of charge during weekends.

Biking at Svilno is only at its starting point, as the number of employees who recognise this new, healthy, anti-stress and ecological JGL initiative grows each day.

Another reason for celebration is the last month’s introduction of hybrid cars into JGL’s ecological story of new transport solutions. Hybrid cars are more silent, sensible, ecological and affordable. This technology no longer belongs to the realm of science fiction. Instead, it has become reality that at the same time provides an answer to rising fuel costs and, more importantly, contributes to the sustainable development of our surroundings.

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