For troubles with your nose, use Meralys HA

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


For troubles with your nose, use Meralys HA

1 min of reading Published: 29.9.2015.

After a successful launch of the first product in the Meralys line and strengthening its position in the demanding category of nasal decongestants, JGL introduces its Meralys HA nasal sprays to the market. In addition to the standard Meralys formulation, these sprays are enriched with hyaluronic acid that provides additional moisture and protection to the nasal mucosa. Thanks to its uncompromising quality and efficiency, Meralys HA is an innovative and superior solution in the fight against upper respiratory tract diseases!

It is used for the symptomatic treatment of the nasal mucosa congestion caused by sinusitis and rhinitis, and belongs to the category of OTC medicines. Its synergistic effect is helped by two excipients:

  • seawater that reduces mucosa dryness, possesses an antiseptic effect, and encourages natural cleaning mechanisms;
  • hyaluronic acid that additionally protects and moisturises the nasal mucosa, accelerates the healing of wounds and skin damage, and improves the nasal mucosa elasticity and firmness.

The third component is a tested and efficient decongestant xylometazoline that reduces the swelling of the mucosa and the adjacent parts of the pharynx, alleviates breathing, and improves secretion.

As the only product with the “3-in-1 concept”, Meralys HA represents the new form of rhinologic therapy and an absolute novelty on the market. Meralys HA will supplement the Meralys line as a value-added product, available in two strengths:

  • Meralys HA nasal spray, 0.1% ,10 ml (xylometazoline, seawater, HA) – for children over 12 years and adults,
  • Meralys HA nasal spray, 0.05% ,10 ml (xylometazoline, seawater, HA) – for children aged 2 to 12.

Meralys HA is hard on the problem, but gentle on the nose.

For troubles with your nose, use Meralys HA!

You can read more about the Meralys HA products HERE.

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