Key technologies

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Technology platform

Key technologies

JGL’s key strategic technologies are associated with the production of sterile pharmaceutical solutions.

The lines are divided into pharmaceutical forms – sterile drops (for nose and eyes), sterile sprays (for nose, throat, ear, for topical application) and Bag On Valve technology (for nose, throat, topical application) that provides a modern and currently superior spray dispersion solution that improves and enhances product properties and facilitates application.


Adhering to all regulatory requirements, with high standards of quality, is our imperative for safe production.

Sterile drops

The line consists of a highly sophisticated dosing technology for sterile nose and eye drops, ranging from 5 to 10 ml. Dosage is performed in aseptic conditions with an additional restricted access barrier system (RABS) to ensure maximum product safety. It is one of the faster lines of eye drops in the world, achieving a speed of 250 pieces per minute.


Bag On Valve

The BoV (Bag on Valve) technology is used to fill sprays in aluminium bottles of a volume of 50 to 150 ml, which can be used as sprays in 360° applications and in a continuous stream. The process is designed to provide microbiological purity without using preservatives in the formulation. The line is equipped with continuous production, i.e. the mixing of the line components takes place according to the needs of the same. Such production provides great flexibility and reduces production costs.


Compared with the traditional way of applying the solution, but also with alternative packaging methods, BoV technology has several advantages for manufacturers, consumers and the environment:

  • it enables complete emptying of bottles and usage of the product
  • it results in a longer shelf life
  • it provides controlled spraying irrespective of the application angle
  • it provides a continuous spray suitable for flushing
  • it has diverse application options with regard to the type of applicator
  • it is suitable for liquid and viscous products, there is no need for using preservatives
  • it does not pollute the environment since the propellant (nitrogen) stays in the bottle
  • it is aligned with the requirements of environmental protection and eco-friendly air protection

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