Description of the facility

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

The Pharma Valley complex

Description of the facility

The first phase of the largest investment in the company’s history, the Pharma Valley business-research-production complex in Svilno in Rijeka, was completed in 2015.

Finding, retaining and improving market positions in the highly competitive business environment in which we operate is not possible without investing in state-of-the-art technology.

Our factory was built according to our own formula for balance and sustainability and its appearance mirrors the DNA structure that signifies life, but also the dynamics of the propulsive growth of JGL. As a prominent symbol in the space it occupies, the complex changes the skyline at the entrance to the city of Rijeka and it serves as a kind of homage to Rijeka’s industrial heritage.


This is an integrated approach that combines the best practices in the management of production processes, state-of-the-art technology in pharmaceutical production and high standards of environmental protection. We firmly believe this is the only right approach for companies that establish a long-term sustainable business model.

The investment also includes the production site Svilno 1, where an automated production line of eye drops, a microbiological laboratory, and sterilization laboratory have been installed.

The new technology and new production facility enable us to expand our existing portfolio with new products of our own development, in new pharmaceutical forms.

Svilno 2 has storage facilities, production facilities, a power plant, an IT server, office space and accompanying facilities. When it comes to technology, we want to draw special attention to the production of BoV (Bag On Valve) forms, the replacement of classic batch production with continuous production, the installation of an automated robotised high-rack storage facility, and the introduction of a flexible finalization that enables a cost-effective packaging process.

1. First phase

Construction of a business-research-production complex

2. Second phase

Isolate the automatic high-rack storage facility

3. Third phase

Isolation of production

4. Fourth phase

Isolation of a development centre

In the second phase, the plan is to isolate the automatic high-rack storage facility, followed by the isolation of production, and finally the isolation of a development centre in the fourth stage. JGL’s modular expansion will also be possible at the same location, which will ensure the preconditions for fast adjustment to market and customer requirements in the long-term.

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