Pharma Valley in numbers

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

The Pharma Valley complex

Pharma Valley in numbers

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361.000.000 HRK

The value of the investmentinvesticije

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31.000 work hours

Spent in total by internal resources

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2 years

Total duration of project implementation


Total surface area of the “Pharma Valley” complex

20.500 m²

Total surface area of closed facilities

20.000 m² – surroundings
13.000 m² – main building
2.400 m² – production halls
2.400 m² – automatic robotised high-rack storage facility
1.100 m² – storage facility for raw materials and semi-finished products
2.100 m² – offices
900 m² – water reservoir
300m² – power plant

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