Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

The Pharma Valley complex

Sustainable growth

We continuously implement the principles of social responsibility in our business and, in interaction with other stakeholders, we aim to set an example and contribute to the harmonisation of our own growth and development with the environmental development.

During the construction of the Pharma Valley complex, we selected advanced technological and ecological solutions and we have reached the maximum possible level of energy savings in the future exploitation.

Many environmental solutions, departing from the conventional ones and surpassing the legally stipulated solutions, have been planned and implemented in this project. These include the installation of a ventilation system in clean rooms with a free cooling system, which controls the use of fresh outdoor air depending on the temperature, and a power plant with a high-efficiency cooling tower.


With heating through a burner system powered by extra light heating oil and lighting with LED regulation technology, we achieve annual energy savings of 3,641 MW/h, which means a significantly lower CO2 emission of 855 tons per year.


It is worth pointing out that an additional 100 m3 pool was added to the water reservoir. Its purpose is to collect clean technological waste water, which is then used for watering plants. Other technological waste water pass through a biological purifier before being discharged into the sewer system. A solar system for additional heating of hot sanitary water was also installed at Svilno 1.

By investing in advanced, unconventional solutions in the area of energy efficiency, JGL has achieved a significant reduction in operating costs compared to the past, an increase in productivity and in the quality of delivery of its products to its customers and consumers.

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