Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Normia Stop – an effective solution for acute diarrhoea

1 min of reading Published: 15.10.2018.

Normia Stop contains a next-generation mucoprotective substance, gelatine tannate, which creates a protective film on the intestinal mucosa and thus prevents the penetration of pathogens and other harmful substances that lead to inflammation and diarrhoea. It is clinically proven to work within 12 hours, reducing various symptoms related to diarrhoea: it reduces the frequency and duration of diarrhoea episodes, reduces abdominal tension and nausea.

The uniqueness of Normia Stop lies in its exceptional safety profile since it is a product that only acts locally on the intestinal wall, it is not absorbed, it does not affect intestinal motility, and clinical studies further confirm its safety in infants, children and adults.

It is important to add that Normia Stop works against diarrhoea of various causes (bacteria, viruses, toxins). The shape of the bag is specially tailored to children because the content of the bag fits in a teaspoon, allowing easy dosage. It has a neutral taste!

Since acute diarrhoea leads to a quick loss of liquids and electrolytes, it is extremely important to prevent dehydration. We remind you that Normia also offers bags of rehydration salts that follow global paediatric guidelines in their composition, and the addition of zinc helps the body recover faster. For disturbed intestinal microflora, we recommend Normia​LGG® and BB-12™, which come in the form of capsules, bags or drops. This exclusive combination of scientifically supported LGG® and BB-12™ strains will re-establish a healthy balance in the intestinal microflora.

Innovation in the composition and principle of action make Normia Stop an effective solution for acute diarrhoea, which is still the leading cause of paediatric morbidity and mortality. It is an absolute novelty on the Croatian market and it perfectly complements the Normia​product line, which is the only line offering a comprehensive solution for acute diarrhoea!

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