Jeste li zdravstveni djelatnik?


Jeste li zdravstveni djelatnik?

Pantexol Repair, new member of the Pantexol line

1 min čitanja Objavljeno: 13.5.2016.

Pantexol Repair (cream, ectoin® 7%)

30 ml airless dispenser

One of our oldest and best known brands, Pantexol, was expanded this month with a new representative: Pantexol Repair.

Pantexol Repair is a medical product that contains ectoin®, a natural molecule that protects cells with its properties for alleviating inflammation and stabilizing membranes.

It is intended for the symptomatic treatment and amelioration of skin redness and itching that occur in different types of inflammatory dermatoses, including atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and radiation dermatitis.

It reduces inflammatory processes, helps in the recovery process of the skin and soothes irritated and damaged skin. It can be used in the proactive treatment of atopic dermatitis due to the stabilization and preservation of the skin barrier. It reduces dry skin by increasing moisture, which smooths the skin.

It protects the skin’s immune system and prevents ageing and skin damage that can arise from exposure to UVA rays.

It reduces the depth of wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

It does not contain dyes, fragrances, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Pantexol Repair is suitable for infants and children.

Pantexol Repair is sold in pharmacies without a prescription.