Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Allergic conjunctivitis

It is present in more than half of patients allergic to perennial allergens (mites or cat hair). Some epidemiological studies show that more than 70 percent of patients with allergic rhinitis have pronounced eye disorders, and that patient population has a more impaired quality of life than those with only nasal symptoms.

Various therapeutic modalities are used for the purpose of preserving or strengthening the epithelial barrier. Recently, solutions containing ectoin have been used for this purpose. Ectoin is a bacterial peptide that prevents epithelial barrier lesions by osmotic stress and is therefore used in the prevention and treatment of not only respiratory, but also skin, eye and digestive manifestations of epithelial barrier lesions.


Conventional allergy conjunctivitis therapy involves the use of nasal corticosteroid sprays, antihistamines in the peroral or topical form, with the addition of ocular or nasal chromones and anticholinergics, depending on the first line of therapy for controlling the symptoms (antihistamines or topical nasal corticosteroids).

JGL’ solution are Vizol S Allergy eye drops with ectoine that in contact with the eye mucosa create a hydro-complex in the form of a film that protects against contact with allergens. Vizol S Allergy relieves itching, redness and excessive dryness of the eyes, and is intended for children, adults and persons wearing contact lenses.


Vizol S ALLERGY eye drops with Ectoin® act preventively for exposure to different allergens, but also relieve existing symptoms. Protect against harmful effects of allergens and help in the recovery process of the irritated and sensitive mucous membrane of the eye. Suitable for people who wear contact lenses, children and people with sensitive eyes. Preservatives free, safe for usage up to 6 months after first opening.
Long-lasting dryness can cause damage to the surface of the eye and a longer lasting feeling of discomfort. Vizol S Intensive vitamin eye drops have a dual effect: they encourage regeneration of the surface of the eye, making it smooth again, and they moisturise the eye.

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