Jeste li zdravstveni djelatnik?


Jeste li zdravstveni djelatnik?


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Protects and stabilizes membranes by creating a protective film on the nasal mucosa.

Ectoin is a 100% natural ingredient extracted from extremophile organisms. Extremophiles are microorganisms which can survive in extremely harsh environmental conditions (such as extremely high and low temperatures, pressure, high concentration of salt, UV radiation…). To protect themselves from these harmful external effects, extremophiles synthesize ectoin which in the same way protects human cells from unfavourable external effects such as allergens and irritants. Ectoin protects and stabilizes membranes by creating a protective film on the nasal mucosa. The patented name of the film is Ectoin-Hydro-Complex, and it prevents allergens and irritants from reaching cells and thus alleviates allergic reactions.


AQUA MARIS 4Allergy (ectoin) nasal spray
The Aqua Maris 4Allergy nasal spray is a safe and efficient way of relieving symptoms of allergy rhinitis that also supports the regeneration of the nasal mucosa. It is a 100% natural product of clinically proven efficiency, preservatives-free and safe for children and the most sensitive patients! It is available in a handy bottle with a delicate spraying system.
VIZOL S Allergy eye drops
Vizol S ALLERGY eye drops with Ectoin® act preventively for exposure to different allergens, but also relieve existing symptoms. Protect against harmful effects of allergens and help in the recovery process of the irritated and sensitive mucous membrane of the eye. Suitable for people who wear contact lenses, children and people with sensitive eyes. Preservatives free, safe for usage up to 6 months after first opening.

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Carefully read the patient information leaflet before use. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for information on indications, precautions and side effects.


Drugs that are proven to be safe for use in self-treatment, and for which prior doctor's recommendation is not necessary, can be obtained in pharmacies without prescription. Dispensing of a small number of such drugs is allowed in drug stores as well.