Ear health

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Are you a health worker?


Ear health

The ear is a complex organ that provides hearing and balance. It is divided into: the outer, middle and inner ear.

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The outer ear consists of the auricle and the ear canal. They transfer sound to the middle ear. The ear collects sounds from the environment and directs sound waves toward the ear canal. Because of its structure, the inner ear is also called a labyrinth.

Small hairs, sensitive skin and its curvy structure prevent foreign matter from entering the ear canal. Glands secret ear wax (cerumen) which covers the ear canal skin and also has a protective role. Ear wax is secreted from the ear canal. Due to its yellowish and brown colour, it is not a pleasant sight and is usually cleaned with cotton swabs. Such hygienic measures push the ear wax backwards, and a cerumen obturans is formed, clogging the ear canal with dry cerumen.


Persons who are surrounded with dust while at work, those with hearing aids, elderly persons and children who often play in the sand, dust or on the ground, are particularly prone to this unpleasant condition.

Isotonised seawater decreases the possibility of cerumen obturans formation, facilitates its removal and does not harm the gentle ear canal skin, so it is recommended as a part of everyday ear hygiene.

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Ear Disease

Acute inflammation of the middle ear is one of the most common diagnosis in childhood.

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