Eye health

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Eye health

JGL is the largest manufacturer of ophthalmic preparations in the region. Using modern technology and know-how in the ophthalmic segment, JGL continuously develops OTC and prescription products of the highest value.

Eye products

We provide solutions and innovations for the most common eye problems and diseases of the present day – from the dry eye syndrome that plagues the modern, active man to glaucoma linked to ageing.

This has established JGL as a reliable and high-quality partner to customers, ophthalmologists and licence-out partners, and as a competitive manufacturer of sterile eye drops beyond regional borders.

Healthy eyes and good eyesight are highly important for each one of us. However, as long as we don’t have any problems with our eyes, we don’t think about their health and fragility.


Instead, most of us strain them to the maximum, disregarding the fact that deterioration of our eyesight can occur due to everyday and long-term computer use, reading without enough light or watching TV for too long, working in jobs which are very strenuous for the eyes or even failing to eat enough green vegetables. As the years go by, a highly probable damage to the macula or cataract can occur.

It all begins with the light entering through the lens and the image being projected onto the inner membrane of the eye – retina. The centre of the retina is the place of the sharpest vision; the so-called macula or macula lutea is located there. It is the area of the most intense metabolic activity exposed to the largest quantity of light. It is an area necessary for experiencing colours, and no other part of the retina has the ability to register such a sharp image.


The macula contains large quantities of yellow pigment. These are primarily lutein and zeaxanthin, natural filters as well as antioxidants which prevent oxidative stress by protecting cell membrane lipids of the macula. Good lutein absorption from food or food supplements has also been proven, as well as its storage in the macula, including lutein safety.


The lack of lutein in the macula plays a critical role in the occurrence of AMD, so taking additional amounts of natural pigments of lutein and zeaxanthin can contribute to the protection of the eye and reduce the risk of an onset or advance of a disease. Studies show a decrease in the deterioration of the macula for more than 40%. An even better protection is achieved through the supplementation of antioxidants, the so-called anticianosides from blueberries. A series of studies showed a positive effect of the blueberry extract to night vision and capillaries, and a synergic effect of lutein, zeaxanthin and blueberries.

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Eye Disease

There are different definitions of a dry eye, today it is considered a disease and requires lifelong therapy.

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