Immunity importance

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Immunity importance

The digestive system is the most important immunological organ, where the role of the intestinal flora is extremely important because it is an integral part of the inherent immunity, it stimulates acquired immunity, and forms the acquired immune response.

Immunity products

JGL has developed into an expert on boosting immunity through innovation, synergistic action of substances within products, carefully selected bacterial strains, and efficacy proven in clinical studies.

Normia products offer an exclusive combination of two best-researched probiotic strains (LGG® and BB-12®), while Alfabiotik presents a unique combination of alpha-glucans and probiotics worldwide.


One of the most common questions that is being raised today in pharmacies, especially by parents of preschool children, is related to the possibility of strengthening the immune system. So the question is whether we can really do anything to increase our defensive power or if this is just a myth. An increasing amount of scientific evidence speaks in favour of the fact that there is indeed potential for a positive influence on immunity.


Immunity is a complex protective system of our body against harmful external influences.

The weakening of the immune system leads to a greater susceptibility to various infections (respiratory system infection, herpes and fungal infections). A long-term weakened immune system is a risk factor for malignant diseases.

Modern, fast-paced way of life, unhealthy diet, inadequate exercise and absence of rest result in a weakened immunity. By promoting healthy living habits and careful selection of products that have enough scientific evidence, today we can contribute to the defence forces of the organism. By stimulating the inherent immune mechanisms, we can reduce the risk of repeated infections, both in children and adults.

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