Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Health from the Adriatic Sea

Tradition dating back to ancient Greece

People who are ill and exhausted, especially those having breathing problems, have always been advised to spend some time at the seaside. There are records dating back to ancient Greece which show that the sick had been told to breath in the sea waves crashing on the cliffs.

Seawater contains various salts and microelements which have a beneficial effect on human health. The composition of seawater is complex and it is almost impossible to copy it synthetically. With respect to the composition of salt, seawater is very similar to bodily fluids and was once used as replacement for blood plasma.

Seawater used for the production of Aqua Maris products is drawn from the purest parts of the Adriatic Sea, following strictly defined procedures related to the depth from which the water is extracted, distance from the coastline, weather conditions and the extraction process itself.


Every amount of seawater intended for the production of an Aqua Maris product goes through microbiological control, at the same time monitoring the oscillation of microelements and other quality parameters of seawater in the given areas.

Seawater is transported to the production plant certified by the EU Commission, pursuant to valid standards regarding sterile liquid form production. The sea is then made free from microbiological load, isotonized and in a perfectly aseptic ambiance placed into a fully sterile packaging. The production has been automated to a great extent, with close surveillance conducted by expert and specialized personnel. The aseptic procedure is constantly controlled, especially in terms of pressure and speed of air flow, temperature and number of particles in the air. Daily microbiological monitoring of the premises, equipment and the operator is also obligatory.


As a natural resource, seawater is very complicated in terms of stabilisation, and years of experience, research and work on validating the production procedure and methods for seawater testing have been invested into the production procedure. Each line that is produced has been controlled in accordance with defined specifications, and it is launched on the market only with the approval of a quality control expert.

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