Nose health

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Nose health

JGL is among the world's leading manufacturers of products for nasal decongestion and nasal hygiene.


As a pioneer in the use of seawater for the health of nasal mucosa, we have been building this segment for over twenty years in many markets where today we represent the gold standard in the category and enjoy the support of doctors, pharmacists, and end consumers.


Thanks to our expert and experienced team, through the Aqua Maris and Meralys brands, we have launched products that combine seawater with ectoine, D-panthenol and hydrolates, as well as natural oils of immortelle, lavender, and myrtle.

Breathing means life

A person can survive without food and water for several days, but only several minutes without breathing.

Nose is the initial part of the respiratory system, playing a protective role when air enters the system. Its surface is covered with microscopic hairs (fimbria) which are in constant movement in the direction of the pharynx, removing the deposited impurities. Viruses, bacteria and allergens are thus “expelled”, preventing the development of a disease. This is how each nose “filters” 15,000 litres of air.

If a disease does affect you, you are in for unpleasant nose leaks and sneezing. By extracting large quantities of mucus and relying on its sneezing reflex, the system clears the airways, getting rid of causes of diseases, all of which plays a part of the healing process.


The system uses these natural nasal mechanisms to protect the airways from illness and damage. Proper hygiene is important for their proper functioning. Cleaning the nose is particularly important in the morning, as a preparation for the day, and before going to bed since we mostly breathe through our nose at night.

Apart from being a mechanical purifier, the nose is also an immunological barrier for antigens (substances causing allergies). Olfactory senses are also located within the nose, detecting different smells from all around us. Olfactory senses transfer the stimulants through the olfactory fibres towards the olfactory nerve which forwards the information to the olfactory centre in the brain. We can thus smell harmful chemicals, gas, spoiled food, but also enjoy the fragrance of food, flowers, etc.


The nasal cavities also take part in the creation of sound while speaking and singing. It means that singers, actors, announcers and people using their voice for professional purposes must take additional care about the health of not only their vocal cords, but their nose as well. It is recommended to avoid areas with a lot of smoke and no ventilation, dry air, chemicals, dust, etc. They could use the everyday care treatment with a seawater solution, Aqua Maris nose spray, since that is the most natural way of cleaning and moistening the nasal mucus membrane.


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Throat diseases

Tonsils and pharynx inflammation are very common illnesses.

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