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Are you a health worker?

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Aqua Maris is a line of natural products based on Adriatic seawater, designed for everyday use at home and on the go.

Our product line is designed for the specific needs of infants, children and adults, bringing relief from respiratory problems, strengthening the body’s defences against colds and flu, and helping to regulate sinus problems, allergies and rhinitis.

Since Aqua Maris products are absorbed by the human body – including infants and children – the purity and mild effect of the product are of the essence. Products contain no preservatives or additives and can be used indefinitely. The advanced Bag-on-Valve technology protects the fluid from contact with external elements, and nitrogen is used as a propellant, which makes 80 percent of the atmosphere and makes these products environmentally friendly.


Saline solution from the cleanest Adriatic seawater. Aqua Maris is intended for daily hygiene and nasal moisturising, for healthy breathing each day and each night. It is available in a handy bottle with a delicate spraying system.
Children's nose is special and requires special care. For the smallest noses we recommend Aqua Maris drops, which are of controlled quality and proven to be suitable for use from an early age. The anatomically shaped applicator provides a safe and gentle application in a supine position. Daily use will ensure your baby's healthy breathing.
<em>Aqua Maris Strong is recommended in situations where the nose is very congested, such as allergy problems and the common cold, alone or in combination with standard therapy, as recommended by your doctor. Strong acts promptly, completely naturally and safely.</em>
Saline solution of the cleanest Adriatic seawater, enriched with d-panthenol (provitamin B5). The combination of the natural healing seawater properties and provitamin B5 helps the regeneration of the nasal mucosa. It is recommended especially for smokers and people who want to quit, but also in other cases of damaged nasal mucosa, e.g., due to the frequent application of nasal drugs.
Nose skin irritated by sneezing and wiping is nurtured by the Aqua Maris ointment with vitamins A and E and D-panthenol.
Aqua Maris Thalassotherapy, a nasal irrigation system, provides a complete thalassotherapy effect – a combined effect of sea salt and Mediterranean herbs. Recommend for patients with chronic nasal congestion, sinus infection and allergies, as well as for maintaining a healthy nose and regular nasal hygiene. It is also specially recommended for people involved in recreational or professional sports.
Aqua Maris sea salt is additive-free, enriched with precious essential oils of immortelle and myrtle which act antiseptically and anti-inflammatory, and soften the mucus.
Seawater saline solution with advanced Bag-on-Valve technology, which protects the fluid from contact with external elements. It is used if the nose is congested for the release of the natural action of seawater.
Seawater saline solution intended for daily hygiene and removal of secretions from the clogged nasal cavities.
Seawater saline solution intended for daily hygiene and removal of secretions from the clogged nasal cavities.
The combination of lavender hydrolat and immortelle, with the benefits of Adriatic seawater, forms Aqua Maris Refresh, a hundred percent natural nasal spray that refreshes, cleans and protects the nasal mucosa.
The Aqua Maris 4Allergy nasal spray is a safe and efficient way of relieving symptoms of allergy rhinitis that also supports the regeneration of the nasal mucosa. It is a 100% natural product of clinically proven efficiency, preservatives-free and safe for children and the most sensitive patients! It is available in a handy bottle with a delicate spraying system.
Aqua Maris Hypertonic nasal spray naturally relieves nasal congestion during a cold, flu or allergies. Due to a high concentration of salt, the hypertonic solution removes surplus fluid from the nasal mucosa by osmosis, reduces the swelling of the mucosa and alleviates breathing through the nose. It is suitable for adults and children over the age of one and safe for use in pregnant women.

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