Throat health

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Throat health

In its natural product range for solving ENT problems, JGL also offers Aqua Maris throat and ear products based on the purest seawater from the Adriatic.

Throat products

Innovation in this segment is especially reflected in the Aqua Maris Propolis product for the throat, in which we have successfully combined seawater with propolis and provided the consumer with a natural solution for a sore and irritated throat and pharynx.

The feeling of dryness in the mouth is a result of a lack of saliva in the oral cavity, which often occurs when a person breathes through their mouth when their nose is congested, which can result in throat infection. The cause of dryness can also be a result of the improper functioning of salivary glands.

Bad breath is an unpleasant topic.

It is usually caused by food remaining between the teeth and dead cells accumulating on the tongue as a result of inadequate hygiene of the oral cavity or insufficient saliva production. Smoking, drinking alcohol and spicy foods make the condition even worse.

A symptom of acute infection is a sore throat with painful swallowing, caused by bacteria or viruses. In case of chronic conditions the pain is less intense but it is present in the long term, often accompanied by dry, irritable cough. It usually relates to chronic nose obstruction, dry air, exposure to dust, or is connected to infections of neighbouring organs, for example paranasal sinuses.

An oral cavity infection can be caused by heat-related or mechanical stimulants, which are formed through the consumption of hot or solid food.

An infection can also be caused by pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Burning sensations, excessive saliva production, aphthae or tiny ulcers are some of the symptoms of this infection.

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Throat Disease

Tonsils and pharynx inflammation are very common illnesses.

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