Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Women’s Health


In a number of health conditions and problems typical for women of different ages, JGL has recognized the extraordinary importance of female intimate health on a rational and emotional level, and thus the importance of self-treatment in this segment.

Women products

Recognizing their main needs, the company offers modern, effective, and safe solutions for women, intended for self-treatment, support and care for intimate and sexual health in different roles and ages in life: Feminal relieves menopausal symptoms in a natural and effective way; Folacin drug from the vitamin B group is especially important for women of reproductive age as a supplement for the increased need for folic acid during pregnancy and breastfeeding; and the specially designed Lactogyn line of products provides a complete probiotic concept of care for a healthy vaginal microflora and intimate hygiene for women of all ages.


Health care should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. Most women have adopted the habit of regular gynaecological examinations and know a lot about their body. However, whether women take enough care of their intimate health is often an issue.


The fact that about 300 million women develop a urogenital infection each year, that only 30-40% of women have a healthy vaginal flora, that frequent genital infections can cause infertility, and that inflammations of the vagina have become the most common reason for visiting a doctor, explains why women’s intimate health causes such attention. Women want to know how to maintain their intimate health and when to seek professional help.


Vaginal microflora, natural protection from inflammation of the vagina, and a very sensitive system incorporating protective bacteria in normal, healthy circumstances, is not always the same. It mostly consists of genus Lactobacilli, which inhibit proliferation of disease agents. It is normal for every woman to have vaginal discharge, the quantity and characteristics of which change under the influence of hormones and depend on the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc. The discharge consists of water, mucus, discarded cervical mucus cells, protective bacteria and other substances. The altered properties of the discharge, itching or redness in the genital region may indicate an inflammation of the vagina.

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