Prolife VIS for healthy digestion, strength, energy and vitality

Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?


Prolife VIS for healthy digestion, strength, energy and vitality

1 min of reading Published: 30.4.2018.

JGL has launched a new product on the Croatian market, Prolife VIS suspension in the form of 7 bottles x 8 ml, in the category of food supplements.

The product was realized through a distribution agreement with the partner Zeta Farmaceutici – JGL being the distributer of their Prolife brand on the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The new Prolife VIS of superior composition and quality brings a combination of up to 20 billion active cultures, coenzyme Q10 and B-group vitamins, and it is intended for everyone who:

• lives at a more intense pace of life,
• wants to maintain the vitality and resistance of their body,
• suffers from the change of seasons,
• wants to strengthen their immune system.

The product comes in the form of suspensions which the Prolife line is known for and which make it unique. The suspensions are made through an innovative method of production and have a pleasant flavour. It is worth pointing out that this is the only product with good bacteria supported by the CSQA certificate that guarantees the declared content and vitality of bacterial strains until the expiry date of the product.

A healthy digestion is a prerequisite for the health of the whole organism, which means a better quality of life! Good bacteria help us fight the pathogenic bacteria and establish balance in the digestive system.

Read more about the product HERE.

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