Are you a health worker?


Are you a health worker?

Successful Launch of Aqua Maris in the Philippines

1 min of reading Published: 09.4.2018.

A big promotion of Aqua Maris products, under the name of “The Power of the Sea to Life”, was held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The ceremony was organized by Favorex, JGL’s Philippine partner, which operates on a total of seven ASEAN markets.

After the conclusion of last year’s licensing agreement for products of the most international JGL line, in the spirit of good partnership and as a proof of faith in the brand’s attractiveness and strength on the market, Favorex organized a launch ceremony of Aqua Maris for around 250 guests, physicians and pharmacists.

Philippine paediatricians and otorhinolaryngologists together presented the value and specificities of the beneficial effects of Adriatic seawater on the respiratory system. The promotion was made even more special by installing a large circular aquarium in the hall, in which synchronized swimmers presented the brand and the healing properties of the Adriatic Sea to the guests.

JGL, as one of the drivers of the global trend of using seawater in the recovery of the human body over the past two years, significantly strengthened its presence in the ASEAN region. Today the company has active sales in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. It mostly includes distribution of the Aqua Maris line, along with the Meralys and Vizol S contracted products, on the Vietnam market and part of the ophthalmic portfolio on the Thailand market.

The opening of another distant and significant market in the ASEAN region validates JGL’s strategic direction of international expansion and marketing its own brands on the global health market.

You can watch the launch ceremony video.

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